For the love of a brother

November 10, 2010 (written to this music)

I find I am in a simmering rage
This is something difficult to cage
My bag is shuffled and packed
I am ready to go on the attack
Our government and its logistics
It causes a dark side from deep within
They have better watch out
As I will give them a fist to their chin

A wife who thinks he is just a pain
To me, that is completely insane
On the outside one presents cool and calm
The inside  is welling like an explosion
from the force of a bomb

I will fly up and be the patient’s advocate
Filled with intention and to see what’s fit
To see the man, who has always been my rock
Now unable to move and feeling devastated

His pride is on the ground,
His head is spinning around
No longer the will to live
Life and fight is my intent to give

He will Not go down in a flame
As our mother did the same
She would not fight for life
I could not keep her alive

This I vow to my mortal soul
Keeping calm and ever so cool
I will bring the force to live
And this to him, I will give
He is my beloved brother
For there is no other!!!

I will always love you Michael!
~  Nina

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