It starts off unnoticed and innocuous

But soon starts its viscous cycle

And like a mob, it expands & engulfs

Land once fertile now breeds death

It’s  audaciously miasmic in nature

Like the beating hands on a clock

It shreds with vengeance over time

It is reckless, it does not care,

It has no conscious as it kills

It’s alive with purposeful Beref

Creating a nefarious labyrinth inside

Try to kill it and it changes…

Like a game of carnage chess,

It is the master of checkmate

Try to remove it and it grows elsewhere

It breathes when you breathe. 

It eats when you eat ….

It never sleeps

Its perverse entanglements smile

As it continues to multiply

It delves and destroys

There’s no escape, no forgiveness

It is relentless in its pursuit…

It will not stop until all is oblivion….

About nina1fox

Female interested in friendships, world travel and protecting the planet
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