A Beloved Brother

Music: Liquid Mind – Balance (Galaxies)
Poem:  Nina Fox – January 9, 2011

Somber now are the moments again
Like the beating hands on a clock
As memories are filled with pain
Now increasingly difficult to talk

For once I had a beloved brother
Kind and strong like none other
Today with a heavy saddened heart
I carried out my destined part

Turning off his life support system
Acknowledging I’ll forever miss him
It is the time to set this man free
And the time to let all things be

In the darkness we’re world’s apart
Now standing on a distant shore
His presence will be felt never more
For he will live on deep within my  heart

As the mind starts grinding down
And the body just wants to sleep
Colors fade into shades of brown
As all my being softly weeps

Alone in the dark I have cried
With all my love wanting to save him
And still my beloved brother  died
My world is now sad and dim

Within the heart flows a river of blood
Turning black in the light of the moon
And my mind continues to drone on
Standing at deaths door only too soon

The lesson today learned of life
Blade continues to slice like a knife
Deep feelings are hardest to say
For I deeply Loved him in every way

Floating on the feather of destiny
Pain removed, for he is  now  free
I can feel and see his bright light
Moving towards the heavens tonight

Someday my brother that I loved
I will meet him in the heavens above
As we are all children of the Stars
Free at last in the joining of all life…..

To fully let him  go with all my love
His destination is now the stars above
Good bye my beloved brother
Which I deeply loved & cherished forever

I will always love you Mike… Rest in Peace  1-9-2011 @7:03pm

About nina1fox

Female interested in friendships, world travel and protecting the planet
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4 Responses to A Beloved Brother

  1. rememberthechildren says:

    Nina: I am so sorry to hear about your brother. You are a brave soul letting him go. No words can stop your pain and heartache, but always remember the good times and cherished moments you had with him. My brother passed away on January 7, 1989 and although the years have passed Nina, he still remains in my thoughts and heart. Your brother will never be forgotten and now he is free and healthy and waiting at Heaven’s Gate. Hugs and thinking of you at this sad time…. Lois48

  2. Animikeeg Zaagidawijiwan says:

    Nina, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your words were beautiful, and your sorrow profound. I will always remember the words to your brother, I am humbled by them.
    He is with the Creator.

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