Ojibwa Prayer

Love is the intertwining of two hearts into one creating a harmony in song ~~ Nina

Ojibwa Prayer – Enya
For my sisters and brothers – the first nation

“In Lak’ech Ala K’in”  –  “the Living Code of the Heart”

And, when I fade……
I Will not be far away
I will be the air you breathe
The water you drink
The soft petals  of a rose
The roar of a water fall
The light beams dancing on the waters edge
The warm rays of the sun
The twinkle from the stars
And when you dream….
I will be there

For I will always love you..

In this liftetime and the next…

About nina1fox

Female interested in friendships, world travel and protecting the planet
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3 Responses to Ojibwa Prayer

  1. Animikeeg Zaagidawijiwan says:

    Nina, thank you for posting this. I have said this prayer many times when my heart was crying. Minonaagozi a’ minotaagozi, migwetch niiji. (It looks and sounds beautiful, thank you my friend)

    • nina1fox says:

      David, My hand reaches to take yours, as my arms hold you when your heart cries. May nature cradle and protect you during troubled times. I will be there, just reach out….you can feel my presence in every leaf you touch, every tree you lean against, with every breath you take….

  2. michael Anderson says:

    Manitouwabi nagamoon

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