Our Valiant Soldiers

We honor with pride our valiant soldiers today
We owe our happiness to their unselfish way
Our warriors endured what we cannot see
Soldiers fought bravely for us to live free

Each soldier willingly endures an unknown fate
Threat on our home land, their cause to abate
To serve us faithfully is their greatest cause
Now often unprotected by our selfish laws

To have the willingness and show you’re support
The lack of help for vets should be major thwart
Their life and blood was deeply down layed
Many now disabled and in need of our aide

For all the fallen heroes, we will shed a tear
They’ve graced our values and what we hold dear
Through the fields of war they brave this day
Soldiers mended Bones and Bodies which now lay

While experiencing firefights in their fox holes
And soothed the spirits of those dying souls
You’re not forgotten, I vow you’ll always be
Whether layed to rest here or across the sea

Deep within the shrines of our heart and mind
Forever, they will rest till the end of Time

Thank You from the core of my heart!   ~ Nina


About nina1fox

Female interested in friendships, world travel and protecting the planet
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